General Information

Hi, my name is Navid Emami and i’m a Software Engineer located in Tehran, Iran. I first started Web Development 8 years ago (2009 i think) and soon fell in love with Drupal. Since there, my major activities was based on Drupal and worked two years in a Drupal based company in Tehran.

In meantime, i switched my development environment to GNU/Linux specially Ubuntu which brought me to a whole new area in IT industry that is called System Administration. So, i decided to be verified in this area and soon i found Linux Professional Institute and hopefully there was a company in Tehran which performs LPI exams (you barely have access to these materials in Iran, believe me).

My general activities in IT world is as follows:

  • GNU/Linux System Administration
  • Software Engineering (small scale projects)
  • Web Development based on Drupal (medium & large scale projects)

Linux Professional Institute

LPI Verification Page

LPI ID: LPI000304882 and Verification Code: hv3r6apdth


Volunteer Activities